What is the Crypto Adoption Proposal?

This Crypto Adoption blueprint proposal has been researched and prepared on behalf of Nimiq by TotalCrypto.io (trading under the name Forth Bridge Associates LTD). The Nimiq team would like to kick-off the conversation about evaluating such playbook, improving it and considering taking possible steps towards pursuing such challenging task. Not only the Nimiq community but also the crypto community at large is encouraged and invited to participate as much as possible in this process.

The content of this document are the thoughts, assessments and recommendations of TotalCrypto.io and they should not be interpreted as the official stance of the Nimiq team.

TotalCrypto appreciates this is a detailed document and it has been structured to be as accessible as possible. With this in mind the document will be broken down as follows:

  • Introduction and overview: Why could developing nations be the most likely locations to adopt cryptocurrency first?
  • Part I: What are motivation, key challenges and a first approach for the different components of this proposed adoption plan?
  • Part II: How is the adoption plan implemented: an explanation of phases TotalCrypto recommends for moving forward.
  • Appendix: Provides detailed information on topics like processes, mechanics, recommended inventory all the way down to equipment quotes.

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How To Use & Contribute To The Crypto Adoption Proposal?


Smitop, 2019/01/04 21:40

Cool, a new wiki!

Also: first

AlCamus, 2019/03/24 13:57

For the donation group: https://www.givedirectly.org/

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