Incubator Security Cost Estimate Breakdown

A full breakdown and reasoning behind proposed incubator security equipment can be seen in Appendix 5.

  • X6 remote viewing webcams: ~$300.
  • X6 Ultraloq UL3 BT smart locks to secure three incubator workspaces: ~$1,500.
  • Prey project anti-theft tracking software: Free.
  • X50 Desktop and peripherals locks: ~$1,500.
  • X2 Laptop locks: ~$50
  • Local insurance: $3k - $5k/year (true cost will depend on location chosen & should cover the exchange).
  • Total estimated cost: $6.5k - $8.5k

Next Section - Appendix 8.3: Software, Domains & Hosting Cost Estimate Breakdown

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