TotalCrypto’s Vision for the Case Study

What this adoption playbook is attempting to do is to build a new way for cryptocurrency to actually solve human development problems and provide a real solution to those less fortunate than ourselves. The vision is to create a model that injects new life and growth into the local economies of the disadvantaged. The goal is to provide disadvantaged communities with a purpose and empower them to become the masters of their own destiny. Some may call this charity, however, the difference is that this proposal is more than just a handout. By providing support, tools and education, the aim is to give people a sustainable means with which to support themselves.

The hope is that with the help and support of the cryptocurrency, academic, charitable and entrepreneurial communities, we’ll succeed in creating a scalable blueprint for human development and leave behind growing local economies powered by cryptocurrency.

It should be stressed that even a successful case study is just the start of this journey. The true value of a successful blueprint that can be replicated elsewhere, is scaling it throughout the world and unlocking even more of the human potential that exists in economically challenged nations.

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